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Salley’s platform is built on these 4 major planks


With one in every ten Okanogan County residents needing a job, it is crucial to support local business to enable them to pay living wages, as well as being proactive in recruiting business and industry from outside of the area to bring in higher-paying jobs.


Careful planning is needed to adhere to State and Federal regulations and still continue to provide the resources needed to sustain agriculture, ranching and logging.


Due to the popularity of recreational property development, many permanent residents are being displaced by seasonal owners. The decrease in local dollars spent impacts our schools, city and county government, as well as medical care.


We must have better communication with our neighbors to the North as it relates to agreements concerning water quality and treatment; business promotion; and joint events to bring our communities closer together.

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Being a 4th generation Okanogan County resident has built a strong tradition of love and support of agriculture and other livelihoods in Okanogan County. Her ancestors include Rev. Woods, pioneer Brethren minister of the Ellisforde and Whitestone churches, and the homesteading Holmes family of Chewillikan Valley. In her spare time Salley enjoys gardening and spending time with her grandkids.

Vote for Sal

An Independent, this is Salley’s first foray into the political arena, but she has always taken a leadership role wherever she has lived. Whether sitting on the library board or helping her neighbors find employment, she has witnessed the benefits of a strong economy in building a strong community. 6 generations of Salley’s family have called Okanogan County their home. For this reason, she has a passion for seeing the families of the county succeed. We need more than minimum wage or seasonal jobs for our county and its families to flourish. She is willing to work outside the box to accomplish these goals.

As a strong community advocate Salley has the knowledge and experience to work with many different styles of leadership and see things from different perspectives.

Since the 1960s, Okanogan County has continually experienced double-digit unemployment. Salley desires to represent you with her tenacious devotion to making Okanogan County a wonderful place to raise a family, build a business or spend your retirement years.

As your District 3 Commissioner, Salley will commit herself to being proactive with local business in promoting products and services, inexpensive power rates, recreational activities and benefits of living in small, rural communities.

Some of her achievements include:

  • Helping to move forward the remodel of the 1915 library building. She acted as project manager working with the contractor, city works superintendent and building inspector at all stages.
  • Expanding public awareness of the Oroville Scholarship Foundation, enabling greater financial benefits to scholarship recipients.
  • Garnering much praise for her organizational skills during her 10 years as a classified employee for Tonasket School District, including jobs as a bus driver and custodian.
  • Teaching adult classes at the Community School
  • Working with Oroville High School seniors on their service projects. These consisted of a library remodel, book sale, music night fundraisers and ground beautification at the library and park, including painting of the old Oroville Police Department and the move of the city building inspector’s furniture and files into his new office.

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Salley Bull, Independent
Candidate for Okanogan County Commissioner, District 3
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